Solving Residential and Commercial Water Problems on Long Island since 1974

About Us

Company Bio

Originally known as GNS Contracting Corp., Mr. William Gremler and Mr. Cliff Saunders founded the company in 1974 in order to provide solutions to the growing number of water issues arising on the North Fork of Long Island. In 1996, current owner Mr. John Scaramucci purchased the business, which had expanded its service area to most of Suffolk County and some of Nassau County. GNS's name was changed to GNS/Mermaid Water Systems, with intentions to eventually phase out the “GNS” portion (GNS stands for 'Gremler and Saunders'). Today, Mermaid has increased the density of its coverage in Suffolk and Nassau and expanded even further, servicing clients in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. In addition to changing the culture of the company and adding many new faces, Scaramucci also developed a sound method of testing and personally certifying any equipment that was to be sold and installed. As a former carpenter and owner of Scaramucci Construction, John’s mantra is “measure twice, cut once.” He has applied this to all aspects of the company and his life, just ask any of his colleagues or his three sons, two of which are current GNS/Mermaid employees.

Why Mermaid?

At GNS/Mermaid Water Systems, we are dedicated to providing the most dependable water treatment systems available. We promise to offer the system that is most suited to your needs and budget; we will never try to sell you something you do not need. Anything we tell you is meant to be informational and educational; we will tell you what you need to know and we will never use scare tactics. We also include a service contract with every installation, so you can count on us being there to maintain your system. In addition to providing one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, we can usually service other companies’ systems as well. We keep our systems simple and effective, and your filters will always be serviced by a trained and dedicated professional. As a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), we stay abreast of the latest water treatment technology and abide by a strict code of business ethics. Only the most determined, honest, and avant-garde water treatment companies can make these claims.